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Bottle Gourd

4.73 AED

≈500g per piece

Total 4.73 AED

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Bottle gourd is also known as calabash, opo squash, and long melon. It is another vine crop grown for its fruit, which can be harvested young as a vegetable or allowed to mature. It is a tropical/subtropical plant typically grown in China, South Asia, and Africa. The fresh fruit is light green with smooth skin and is white inside.

Product Passport
  • Product Name Bottle Gourd
    Growth location Spain, Almeria
    Nutrients: Vitamin C, Zinc, Fiber
    Health Benefits: Lowers weight, Improves heart health, Reduces oxidative stress and anxiety
    Brix: High Quality (°2.0)
    pH Level: Balances Stomach Acid (5.5 pH)
    Vitamin C Value: Good Contribution of Vitamin C (4.94% Daily Value - 4.44 mg/100 g)
    Farmer: AGRUPAPULPI farms
    Harvested: 2020/11
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