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Cumin Whole

5.00 AED

200g per pack

Total 5.00 AED


Cumin whole is the pack of premium quality whole cumin. The pack keeps the cumin fresh and maintains its quality.

Storage Tips

Store in a cool and dry place.
Product Passport
  • Product Name Cumin Whole
    Growth location India, India
    Nutrients: Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Fiber
    Health Benefits: Lowers risk of diabetes and heart disease, Weight management, Blood glucose control
    Brix Level: Premium Quality (°4.3)
    pH Level: Balances Stomach Acid (5.5 pH)
    Vitamin C Content: Good Contribution of Vitamin C (8.56 % Daily Value - 7.70 mg/100 g)
    Farmer: Gyma Foods
    Harvested: 2021/06
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