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Dried Mixed Mushrooms

18.15 AED

50g per Jar

Total 18.15 AED

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Dried mushrooms mix is bursting with flavor, making them a perfect addition to almost any dish. We have carefully selected the mushrooms with rich, umami flavor to make them perfect for sauces, risotto, and stews. Dried mushrooms mix is one of our best-sellers! Use the tips on the label to guide you on how to rehydrate the mushrooms.

Product Passport
  • Product Name Dried Mixed Mushrooms
    Growth location Europe, Europe
    Nutrients: Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Potassium, Sodium, Protein, Fiber
    Health Benefits: Enhances digestive health, Reduces risk of stroke and hypertension, Improves heart health
    GMO: FREE( Not Detected) - Safe for Consumption
    Artificial Colours: FREE - Safe for Consumption
    Preservatives: FREE - Safe for Consumption
    Artificial Flavours: FREE - Safe for Consumption
    Brix Level: Premium Quality ( º4.8 )
    pH Level: Balance Stomach Acid - (6.2 pH )
    Vitamin C Content: Good Contribution of Vitamin C ( 15.7 % Daily Value - 14.1 mg/100g)
    Farmer: Kinoko Farms
    Harvested: 2021/02
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