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Lamb Mince

85.30 AED

1kg per pack

Total 85.30 AED

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Lambs are free-range and are raised without added growth promoters or hormones. It is high in vitamins B, D, iron, zinc, and omega-3 New Zealand Fresh Lamb raised on pasture is leaner on inter-muscular fat resulting in mildly sweet and clean natural lamb flavors.

Product Passport
  • Product Name Lamb Mince
    Growth location New Zealand, Dunedin
    Nutrients: Vitamin B12, Zinc, Protein, Omega 3, L-Carnosine, Heme-iron
    Health Benefits: Increased energy, Cures iron deficiency, Has anti-atherosclerotic effects
    GMO: FREE (NOT DETECTED) - Safe for Consumption
    Growth Hormones: FREE (NOT DETECTED) - Safe for Consumption
    Farmer: Silver Fern Farms
    Harvested: 2021/04
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