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Forelle Pear

2.95 AED

250g (5-8 pcs per Kg)

Total 2.95 AED

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Forelle pears are known for being one of the smallest variety of pears. They have symmetrical bodies often bell shaped and have unique characteristics like their red lenticles and freckles which makes Forell different from the others.

Product Passport
  • Product Name Forelle Pear
    Growth location South Africa, Western Cape
    Nutrients: Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron, Fiber
    Health Benefits: Lowers risk of diabetes and heart disease, Decreases the overall mortality, Supports weight loss
    Brix Level: Just Enough Sweet (°8.0 )
    pH Level: Balances Stomach Acid (4.0 pH)
    Vitamin C Content: Good Contribution of Vitamin C (7.78 % Daily Value - 7.0 mg/100 g)
    Sort: Forelle
    Farmer: Dutoit Agri Estates
    Harvested: 2021/04
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