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250g (10-15 pcs per Kg)

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Limes are round hybrid citrus fruits which are green in color. The normally grow in tropical and subtropical areas. Lime fruit is widely used in cooking different cuisines to accent flavor, due to its taste and aroma.

Product Passport
  • Product Name Lime
    Growth location Brazil, Itapolis
    Fresh Lime available online at Vegberry in Dubai, UAE
    Nutrients: Calcium, Vitamin C, Fiber
    Health Benefits: Supports weight loss, Enhances digestive health, Battles free radicals in the body
    Brix Level: Just Enough Sourness (° 7.8 )
    pH Level: Activates Digestive Enzyme (2.4 pH)
    Vitamin C Content: Good Source of Vitamin C ( 77.8 % Daily Value - 70.0 mg/100 g)
    Farmer: Gibran citrus fruit farms
    Harvested: 2022/10
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