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Chilli Labneh Balls

14.95 AED

500g per Jar

Total 14.95 AED


Labneh balls with chilli is a popular dairy product whose rich flavor and light texture has been enjoyed for thousands of years. It’s low in lactose but high in beneficial bacteria, protein, and calcium all of which are essential for your health.

Storage Tips

  • Shelf life 6 months.
  • Keep refrigerated at (2°C - 5°C).
Product Passport
  • Product Name Chilli Labneh Balls
    Growth location UAE, Dubai
    Nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium, Sodium, Protein
    Health Benefits: Improves bone health, Blood sugar control, Enhances the metabolism, Improves heart health
    Artificial Colours: FREE ( NOT DETECTED)- Safe for Body Health
    Preservatives: FREE ( NOT DETECTED)- Safe for Body Health
    Gluten : FREE ( NOT DETECTED)- Safe for Body Health
    GMO: FREE ( NOT DETECTED) - Good for Consumption
    Probiotics: PRESENT - Good for the body
    Farmer: Balade Farms
    Harvested: 2021/07
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