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Halloumi Cheese

10.25 AED

250g per pack

Total 10.25 AED

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Halloumi cheese has become a popular addition to many restaurant menus over the last few years. It can usually be found alongside the extras that you pay a few dollars to add to your meal, or as a French fry substitute for those trying.

Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated between 1-4°C
Product Passport
  • Product Name Halloumi Cheese
    Growth location UAE, Dubai
    Nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc
    Health Benefits: Reduces risk of diabetes and heart disease, Strengthens the immune system, Supports weight loss, Bone development, Improves overall oral health
    GMO: FREE - Safe for Consumption
    Gluten : FREE - Safe for Consumption
    Preservatives: FREE - Safe for Consumption
    Artificial Colours: FREE - Safe for Consumption
    Farmer: Balade Farms
    Harvested: 2021/04
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