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What if I am not satisfied with my order?

Feel free to reach out to [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +971 55 117 8124 to highlight your issue and our team will solve it at the earliest.

What is the Product Passport?

Vegberry provides a Product Passport with each product you order. The Passport contains all of the information you need to know about the product from the time it was a seed until it gets to your door. You’ll know where it was grown, who grew it and even the key nutrition it contains. With the Product Passport, all Vegberry produce will be The Food You Know.

What is a Farmkey?

A Farmkey is your personal Vegberry account. It opens up unprecedented knowledge to you about our farms. Products Passports are available in your Farmkey for all of your previous orders. We use the information from your Farmkey to create a more personalized experience for you over time, shortening the ordering process, recommending products and rewarding you with discounts.

How do I update my account information?

You can access and update your profile information in your Farmkey account.

Who are Vegberrians? Can I become a Vegberrian?

Vegberrians are people who are curious about their food choices. They’re informed consumers. They don’t settle for any random produce put in front of them in grocery stores. They actively choose fresh food that they know the origin of and how it’s grown. Sound like you? Then you already are a Vegberrian!

Create a Farmkey account and join your fellow Vegberrians. Check out the information about Vegberry fresh produce and our farmers. Hungry for more? Ask us questions or send feedback. We’re always happy to hear from fellow Vegberrians!

Can I visit one of the farms?

Yes, we love to have visitors. Get in touch with us at [email protected]. Let us know why you’re interested in visiting and how many people you would come with. We can also set up special trips for groups.

How can I reward farmers?

Farmers have a tough job, but they do it to grow fresh food for all of us. They love to hear from our customers. As a bonus, we also reward our most appreciated farmers. To say thanks, go to the farmer page and click or tap the ‘Say Thanks’ button by the farmer’s profile that grew the product you love! You can only thank each one of them once, but you can thank as many as you’d like.

How can I rate my experience?

Your feedback is essential to our ability to provide you with the best produce we can. You can go to our customer satisfaction survey to rate our service and products.

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How the Vegberry loyalty program works

Earn instant and unlimited cashback on every order and collect it in your Vegberry wallet. You can redeem it on any next order.

Our VeryLoyal cashback levels are:

  • No minimum spend
  • Every Dirham spent is 1% cashback in your wallet
  • Minimum spend of 300 AED per 30 days
  • Every Dirham spent is 2% cashback in your wallet
  • Minimum spend of 500 AED per 30 days
  • Every Dirham spent is 5% cashback in your wallet
  • Minimum spend of 2,000 AED per 30 days
  • Every Dirham spent is 10% cashback in your wallet

NOTE: Cashback level expires at the end of the following 30 days.