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Uns Farms

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Dubai, UAE

Uns farms established in Dubai-UAE since 2018, committed to providing farm-fresh fruits and vegetables that are homegrown in an urban setup. At Uns, their harvests include a wide variety of crops ranging from leafy to microgreens, herbs to fresh fodder, strawberry to mushrooms among others. They have carefully chosen to grow the finest ingredients that are used by chefs – at hotels, restaurants as well as homes – to add taste, artistry, and creative flair to your culinary spread.
Sustainable agricultural practices not only protect the environment, but they also expand the Earth’s natural resource base and maintain and improve soil fertility, thus significantly helping tackle any impending future food scarcity issues. The community that partakes in this initiative is growing. Their main commitment ties both the environment as well as the community in a single thread. The idea is to create natural, healthy and safe food options that can be produced with optimal resources. With 90% water saved, 1/4th land used and no-chemicals adopted.

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