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Medigardens farms

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Sharkia, Egypt

Medigardens farms is an Egyptian / Lebanese agricultural & exporting establishment, their first farm was founded in 1985. They are growers and exporters of Grapes. Over the years of operation, Medigardens has added some other items to its list of fresh produce such as Pomegranate, Peaches, Mango, Nectarine, and Strawberry.
At Medigardens farms, health wellness, safety, security, as well as the environment and sustainable development represent our guiding principles throughout our different operations and processes. Consequently. Medigardens farms make sure to embrace and commit to reducing food waste by developing and offering modern technologies that reduce measurably the number of spoiled and wasted fruit before and during harvest, during storage and throughout the supply chain until our product reaches the final consumer. They Committing to energy savings as well as preventing or reducing pollution from emissions, discharges, and waste through all processes.

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