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Gibran citrus fruit farms

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Itapolis, Brazil

Gibran citrus Fruit farms established in 1958, it’s situated in Itapolis, in the countryside of Sao Paulo - Brazil, with experience in harvesting and exporting Tahiti limes. The founders of the company, Antonio Gilberto Ricardo de Oliveira and Antonio Aparecido Batista Pereira, are specialized in the planting and harvesting of the best citrus in Brazil. They began exporting their produce in 1996.
All farms produce runs under strict inspection and evaluation that meets the strictest international standards. Gibran has a team of agronomists and technicians who follow the entire production process.
With an infrastructure able to meet large demands, Gibran citrus fruit farms aim to satisfy the needs and expectations of their product consumers all over the world, having as main characteristics regularity, responsibility, and honesty.

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