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Loyalty Program - FAQs

VeryLoyal is Vegberry’s loyalty program. VeryLoyal enables you to shop across our various food selections on our website, rewarding your shopping experience by adding instant and unlimited cashback.

How can I get access to VeryLoyal?

You can visit our website vegberry.com and create an account by registering with your contact details.

What are the benefits of being registered?

Earn instant and unlimited cashback on every order and collect it in your Vegberry wallet. You can redeem it on any next order.

How much cashback will I get per order?

Our VeryLoyal cashback levels are:

- No minimum spend
- Every Dirham spent is 1% cashback in your wallet

- Minimum spend of 300 AED per 30 days
- Every Dirham spent is 2% cashback in your wallet

- Minimum spend of 500 AED per 30 days
- Every Dirham spent is 5% cashback in your wallet

- Minimum spend of 2,000 AED per 30 days
- Every Dirham spent is 10% cashback in your wallet

NOTE: Cashback level expires after 30 days.

Is there an expiry date on my wallet balance?

No, you can redeem it with any future purchase.

How can I redeem my cashback?

Log in to your Vegberry account and start spending. Select the VeryLoyal wallet option at checkout to redeem your cashback.

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