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Kinoko Farms is the first mushroom farm in Dubai. Besides locally grown white and brown button mushrooms, and portobellos, the farm offers exotic varieties of mushrooms that they grow at partner farms in South Korea and EU. Mushroom quality and freshness is a top priority for Kinoko Farms. That’s why all mushrooms are being packed and air shipped as soon as they have been hand-picked.

To ensure the highest standard of mushrooms, Kinoko Farms thoroughly monitors every link of the supply chain, from the start of growing process to the final dispatch. Kinoko Farms is regularly audited according to the certifications that they hold. They apply internationally recognised HACCP, ISO 22000:2005 & GlobalG.A.P in entire production process to ensure food safety, quality & value addition for the clients. Kinoko Farms offers all range of conventional exotic and forest-grown wild mushrooms being a sole destination point for any variety of mushrooms in the UAE.

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D Alh

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رجب 17, 1441
Great Mushrooms!
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