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طيب الزعفران

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جبال الهيمالايا, الهند

Teeb Saffron launched in 2017, when the Emirati entrepreneur, Mohammed Al-Shehhi, introduced Kashmiri mongra saffron to the local market with an Emirati flavor, through "Teeb Saffron" brand. This type of saffron is known for its quality in terms of taste and strong aroma. It is also known as "red gold", indicating its health benefits and its high price compared to the rest of the spices.
The idea began with Mohammed's Kashmiri classmate, as whenever he visited his city he would return gifts to Mohammed such as spices, and saffron, which was distinguished from others in the local market. After that, he agreed with his Kashmiri friend to bring a small quantity of saffron and began distributing it to family and friends, whose responses were positive and encouraging to start importing it to the UAE.
Mohammed then started the research for saffron farmers and producers with the aim of obtaining the best varieties and prices and traveled to (Pampur-Kashmir) known as (city of Saffron), during the season of saffron harvest in the fields, which starts in late October until mid-November. Every year. He met many farm owners who provided their experience about the types and forms of saffron, methods of detecting the original from adulterated, and many aspects related to this precious commodity.

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