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Simonetta farms

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Sunraysia, أستراليا

The Simonetta family moved to Australia in 1956 from southern Italy. Immediately moving to the Sunraysia region, they began life in Australia growing vegetables. By 1990, they were ready for a new challenge and began thinking about what they should do. In 1991, Joe, Tony & Mario Simonetta opened the doors to their family-owned and operated citrus packing shed. The beginning was very simple, but also effective – three brothers, two of their wives & with only one packing machine – they managed to output roughly 1,000 units a week.
As time went by, Simfresh had established itself as one of Australia’s leading citrus packing sheds. As the years have gone by, both the business and family have expanded. They are now expanding beyond 1.4 million boxes a year, of both locally & family has grown fruit. With the three brothers still very hands-on, established relationships with growers and customers are now being passed on the grower’s children, and in some cases, the customer’s children.

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