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Pure harvest farms

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Pure Harvest smart farms founded in 2016 in Abu Dhabi – UAE. It is a regional innovator in sustainable agriculture focused on the production of greenhouse fruits and vegetables in the challenging climates of the Arab Gulf region using world-leading Dutch greenhouse growing technologies. Pure Harvest smart farms specialize in growing different sorts of tomatoes, they seek to leverage innovative growing technology in order to pioneer year-round production of affordable, premium quality fresh produce.

In recognition of regional vulnerabilities associated with water scarcity and food import dependence, Pure Harvest farms are committed to resource efficiency and overcoming local climate challenges (specifically, heat and humidity during the summer months) to deliver European quality to customers with the highest quality farm-to-fork products.

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Nehal Ahmed

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صفر 20, 1442
The plum tomatoes I received were so far the best I’ve received in UAE at a very reasonable discounted price.

D Alh

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رجب 17, 1441
Love the tomatoes 🍅 yummy

Arwa A

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جمادى الأولى 08, 1441
Very good Beef tomatoes
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